Values and culture

A balanced business delivers more

Blending business and ethics

From the very beginning, we set a goal of being unique. When you're breaking the mold you need to make sure all decisions are underpinned by common values, shared by the whole company.

At Exness, we take a balanced approach to business. And our values reflect that. 

We balance our drive to innovate with ethics and a social conscious that places people first – be they our employees, our traders or our partners. We do it because we truly believe it’s the right thing to do, not just morally, but from a business perspective as well. Our values guide us in all our actions – from major strategic decisions down to the code in our algorithms. 

Exness has grown exponentially over the last decade due to the loyalty of our clients. We believe that loyalty is powered in part by our unwavering commitment to these guiding principles. 

Our core values

We believe great work comes from a strong set of values. Find out what's important to us and see if we're a good fit for you.

We are bold

We fully embrace our ambition, setting and achieving goals that others are too afraid to try. Challenging ourselves to create new things that better serve our traders.

We are reliable

You can only build new innovations if you have a stable and reliable foundation. We prioritize giving our clients a product they can rely on.

We are tech professionals

We use data and sophisticated models to make decisions and solve problems. It's a part of our culture.

We are good people

Traders choose us because they trust our people. We earn that trust by ensuring everything we do puts the clients' best interests before all else.

What's special about us?

We believe in balance. While we promote a high-performance culture, we also understand the best work comes from a team that feels empowered and recognized.

We care more

Work-life balance is a priority for us. And we give resources to support both the physical and mental health of our team.

We're more diverse

Over 90 nationalities are building their careers under the Exness banner. Everyone is welcome here.

We listen more

We promote an open and honest feedback culture throughout Exness. We believe this makes us better.

We help more

We believe business has a responsibility to have a positive impact on the world. We encourage our employees to be part of this mission.

We recognise more

Our people are rewarded through remuneration and a recognition scheme that ensures hard work never goes unnoticed.

We grow more

We offer courses, mentorships, career advisors and more to help you on your professional journey.

Hear more from our people

We are bold, reliable, ethical and professional. But above all - we are people. Hear directly from our team about their experience with Exness.

Find your future role in Exness