Career development

Empowering you to do more with your potential

A proactive approach to your development

We believe that talent development is essential for the growth and success of our team. Our People Development strategy takes a proactive approach to your career progression, ensuring you have the tools and opportunities to grow. Through talent development, we are able to identify and retain the best talents, while also empowering employees to uncover their potential. 

We provide continuous feedback, knowledge, skills, and growth opportunities to help you excel in your current role and achieve our future goals together.

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Endless learning opportunities

We understand the importance of continuous learning in today's fast-paced business world. Our dedicated Learning and Development (L&D) department is here to help our employees grow, improve performance, and contribute to Exness's success through innovative and high-quality training programs.

Talent Management & Development

Resources to identify and nurture talent

Digital Learning

Easily accessible and flexible learning experiences

Global Induction

Comprehensive orientation for our new hires

Tools to help you grow

Exness library

Go-to materials to support your ongoing educational journey

Individual development

Tailored pathway to drive your personal and professional growth

Degreed LXP

E-learning platform offering a wealth of courses and training paths

Skill matrix

Departmental tool to identify and improve relevant skills


Global language learning platform with the world's largest selection of tutors

Coaching for managers

Specialized coaching to improve management skills

Targeted programs

Specific training within trading school, leadership, and team development

Mentors and masters

Personal guidance from experienced professionals

External education

Resources from providers such as Coursera, MIT, Udemy and more

Job shadowing

Our Job shadowing program gives you valuable insight into various roles within our company. This hands-on learning opportunity allows you to understand the essential tasks and responsibilities of potential new positions. It's a safe and supportive environment to explore career options and gain practical experience to make informed decisions about your future.

Career advisory

The Career advisory initiative is a valuable resource for you to explore your career goals and professional growth. Unlike psychologists and coaches, our career advisors focus specifically on career-related matters within Exness, providing guidance on topics such as identifying opportunities, setting goals, and understanding strengths and weaknesses.

Exness internships

If you're just starting your career journey, our internship program gives you hands-on experience alongside a dedicated mentor.

  • Gain new skills, knowledge and work experience in one of the top companies in Cyprus

  • Access our corporate benefits for your wellbeing, health, and social life at Exness

  • Receive an Exness Certificate of Completion and Reference letter

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Hear how some of our top talent made their way up the career ladder and into new and fulfilling positions

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