Investing more in your health and happiness

Exness is a fast-growing company with a demanding work environment. To keep the balance between productivity and happiness, we invest more in your health and wellbeing.

We support you in all aspects of your personal wellbeing — financial, social, physical and mental health — and give you the tools to thrive both professionally and personally.

More active and healthy

We believe in the old saying, "healthy body, healthy mind". Keeping active has benefits for all aspects of life — both work and home — and puts a smile on your face. So we make staying healthy as accessible as possible, with on-site gyms, sports clubs and fitness funding.

  • company-wide extra holidays

  • in-house corporate doctor (depending on location)

  • own GYMs (depending on location)

  • sports events and challenges

  • in-house medical check-ups/health days

  • premium subscription to health apps

  • meal allowance

  • parental leave

More supported emotionally

Promoting mental health at work is at the center of our wellbeing program. We understand that everyone needs help sometimes, so we've created a framework to make sure every Exness team member can get the support they need, when they need it.

  • private psychological counselling compensation

  • mental health and mindfulness support

  • premium subscription to a mental health app

  • creative workshops and activities

  • long term leave allowance

More financially confident

We know financial stability is crucial for peace of mind. And as a Finance company, we make sure our team feel secure in their future and can confidently make well-informed decisions about their finances. We also want you to feel invested in what we're doing so we give you the chance to, well, invest — literally. You can buy Exness shares so when we grow, you grow with us.

  • employee share scheme

  • relocation support

  • personal consultations by In-house Finance and Legal teams

  • knowledge sessions on personal finance

  • corporate loans for employees (depending on location)

  • pension scheme (depending on location)

  • personal cash advance (depending on location)

More social

Life is about more than just work. We've created a social network where, no matter your interests, you'll find like-minded people to share them with. We welcome all family members too, to help you and them settle in, find new friends, and start living your Exness life to the fullest.

  • corporate library

  • regular summer parties

  • teambuildings

  • hobby clubs for employees

  • spouses community (depending on location)

  • kids clubs (depending on location)

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