21 April 2023

Spring podcast picks: 6 cool and thought-provoking shows recommended by our team

At Exness, we believe that professional development plays a critical role in the success of our team and organization. We support our team members' continuing education and training, provide financing for external courses, and encourage them to satisfy their curiosity in engaging and accessible ways.ย 

For some, that means tuning into a variety of podcasts. That's why we asked our team for recommendations and curated a list of 6 thought-provoking shows, covering topics such as the economy, business, work psychology, and the history of Spotify. So grab your headphones and get ready to learn something new.

The Lex Fridman Podcast

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This captivating and thought-provoking podcast is hosted by Lex Fridman, an AI researcher and renowned thinker. Each episode features engaging conversations with an eclectic mix of guests, ranging from scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and technologists to philosophers, artists, and athletes.

The podcast is renowned for its insightful discussions on a wide range of topics, including AI and robotics, neuroscience, physics, psychology, philosophy, and much more. What sets this podcast apart is the way in which Lex engages with his guests, making each conversation a unique and enlightening experience.

Business Wars

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This podcast takes listeners behind the scenes of some of the biggest business rivalries in history. Each season of the show dives into a different corporate battle, such as the infamous feud between Coke and Pepsi or the intense competition between Apple and Microsoft. Through expert interviews, historical archives, and dramatic storytelling, "Business Wars" brings these epic showdowns to life and explores the key decisions and strategies that shaped the outcomes. With its engaging format and compelling storytelling, "Business Wars" is a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of business and the power struggles that shape it.

Freakonomics Radio

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This podcast explores the hidden side of everything. Hosted by Stephen Dubner, co-author of the best-selling book of the same name, and journalist Angela Duckworth, each episode takes a deep dive into the economics of everyday life, revealing surprising insights into human behavior, social trends, and complex systems.

From uncovering the hidden costs of free parking to exploring the economics of sleep, the Freakonomics Radio podcast is a thought-provoking and entertaining look at the world around us. With expert guests and Dubner's signature wit and humor, the show challenges listeners to question their assumptions and think differently about the way things work.

WorkLife with Adam Grant

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This popular podcast explores the psychology of work and how to make work more meaningful, interesting, and productive. Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist and bestselling author, shares insights and interviews experts on various topics related to work, such as leadership, motivation, collaboration, and creativity.

Each episode features engaging stories, practical tips, and thought-provoking discussions that offer listeners new perspectives and actionable strategies to improve their work life. The guests range from CEOs and entrepreneurs to academics and artists, providing diverse and insightful perspectives on work and its challenges. For example, in one episode, Adam Grant talks with an astronaut about how to handle stress and uncertainty in high-pressure situations. In another one, he explores how to build a culture of psychological safety in teams and organizations.

Spotify: A Product Story

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This podcast shows a fascinating journey through the history of the music streaming giant that has revolutionized the music industry. It shares the company's origins, early challenges, and how it has built a loyal user base by delivering an unparalleled music streaming experience.

By featuring interviews with key figures, such as former CEO Daniel Ek and product lead Gustav Sรถderstrรถm, listeners gain insight into the company's product strategy and how it has evolved over time to meet changing user needs. You'll also learn about various features and innovations that make Spotify stand out in a crowded marketplace, such as personalized recommendations, social sharing tools, and exclusive content partnerships.

Bad Blood: The Final Chapter

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Hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Carreyrou, this gripping true-crime podcast delves deep into the scandalous story of the rise and fall of Theranos, a once-promising health technology startup. Carreyrou initially broke the story of Theranos' fraudulent practices in his bestselling book "Bad Blood."

This podcast series continues Carreyrou's investigation into the downfall of Theranos, focusing on the aftermath of the company's collapse and the criminal cases against its founder Elizabeth Holmes and former president Sunny Balwani. Through exclusive interviews with whistleblowers, former employees, and legal experts, Carreyrou uncovers new details about the deceptive practices that led to the company's downfall and the impact it had on those involved.

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